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Important Payroll Dates for February 2023

  • Payroll Due: 2/2/23
  • Last day to change direct deposit accounts: 2/9/23
    ** Please let Payroll know of any changes to your account after this date. Any bank account changes will affect your check on payday.
  • Paychecks available for viewing in Employee Access: 2/22/23
    ** Strongly recommended
  • Payday: 2/24/23

True Time Deadlines for Pay Period - Employees should submit True Time Weekly

1/2/23 - 2/5/23

  • Employee Final Submittal: 2/8/23
  • First Approval: 2/10/23
  • Final Approval: 2/14/23

Annual/Personal Leave Day Before and After Holiday

Washington & Lincoln Day Recess  - 2/20/23

As per DP335(B) NEG and DP335 NEG:   Contracted employees who have not been approved by Human Resources for using an annual/personal day before and after a holiday may be docked (licensed $144 or ESP 40% of their daily rate) unless the leave reason is listed as an exception in policy.  An explanation of the exception must be written in the time off description box.

Health and Wellness Virtual Day - 2/10/23

All employees must record a leave day if absent.


Parent/Teacher Conference

Elementary (evening) - 2/22 & 2/23
(comp day Feb 24)

Middle & High (evening) 2/15 & 2/16
(comp day Feb 17)

As per DP335 NEG:  Annual leave days may not be used during parent/teacher conference.